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Keep kids safe and have fun doing it! Synthetic turf makes a great base for playgrounds, preschool yards and more.

Healthy Environment for Your Child's Play

Rymar offers three playground systems* dedicated to bringing the safest and best-fit products for your clients’ play area needs. 

  1. Rymar Playground Turf
  2. Rymar Rubber Mulch
  3. Rymar Playground Tiles

All three of our playground systems meet or exceed US CPSC and IPEMA guidelines for playground surfacing. Rymar playground surfaces provide the optimum fall height up to 16’.  In keeping with stringent ASTM requirements for playground fall safety, our products come in a variety of thickness and colours to match equipment and personal needs.

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About Rymar Playground Turf

With Rymar Synthetic Playground Turf a hard abrasive surface is no longer a threat to a child’s safety and it is a more sanitary alternative to sand and pea gravel. Our synthetic grass is made of a blend of polyethylene monofilament fibres which give the grass the soft comfortable feel. Also this grass is free from allergens and is anti-microbial. Rymar Synthetic Playground Turf is as safe as it is beautiful with almost no maintenance required.

Why Use Rymar Playground TuRf

  • Eliminates the need to mow and trim underneath playground equipment
  • Dries very quickly to allow children to play almost immediately after rain fall (consistent Gmax and HIC safety ratings)
  • Is available to meet IPEMA ASTM F1292 requirements for up to a 12’ critical fall height

About Rymar Rubber Mulch

Rymar Rubber Mulch is a loose fill, recycled rubber playground safety surface. When properly installed and maintained, Rymar rubber mulch provides a safe playground surface that meets or exceeds US product safety commission guidelines and ASTM standards for play surfaces.

Why Use Rymar Rubber Mulch

  • Save up to 57% over 5 years by reducing annual mulching costs
  • Natural looking and colours remain vibrant
  • Meets or exceeds US CPSC and IPEMA guidelines
  • A 6” layer provide 16’ of vertical fall height protection as per ASTM F129204
  • Non-staining—the colour will not rub off on children’s clothes or pets
  • Polyurethane coating provides superior adhesion and abrasion resistance

about PlayFall Tiles

Rymar Playground Tiles provide the optimum fall safety for kids play environments. Install a Rymar Playground surface and eliminate the need to fill in holes, remove animal waste and potentially dangerous hidden objects. Created from recycled rubber, diverting tonnes of waste from landfills, Rymar Playground Tiles are durable, resilient and porous to allow drainage.

WHy Use Rymar Playground Tiles

  • Installs equally well over a hard surface sub-base or a well compacted granular surface
  • Easy to install with interlocking pin system for alignment
  • Eliminates health and safety concerns from buried objects and animal waste
  • Eliminates risks and maintenance associated with displacement from loose filled materials (i.e. wood-fibre)
  • Combined with a foam pad, the Rymar Playground Tiles provide 14’ of vertical fall height protection

Playground System installations

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